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DESHPANDE INFRA is committed to ideate, create and deliver a portfolio of landmark developments. Built by the belief in innovation and quality, rooted in the solid foundations of trust, shaped by the power of imagination and cemented by ethics, transparency and reliability, Deshpande Infra has been shaping lifestyles with focus on design and innovation.

At Deshpande Infra, customer is the central focus of all our ventures. We put an earnest effort in understanding the aspirations of our buyers with the objective of meeting all their expectations. We believe there is no joy greater than delivering customer happiness and satisfaction.

With footprints into sectors of industrial and infra projects. The group aims to deliver inspiring milestones in every field it ventures as it explores newer horizons of growth.​

Image by Grant Lemons
Image by Jakob Søby

In the field of construction where precision, agility, reliability and quality are the critical aspects for success. DESHPANDE INFRA is passionate towards it’s mission to deliver only the best to it’s customers. We love to help our customers find a house that can become a happy home. To make the buying and selling of property cost effective. To continually explore new concepts and technology, to create the selling and buying of real estate faster, less expensive, and easier.


At DESHPANDE INFRA we strive hard for consumption of advanced  technology, dynamic project management and rapid project execution. Understanding and considering customer business needs is an integral aspect of our project planning, So we are flexible enough to accommodate your business priorities and set the Place of development in line with that. This customer centric approach ensures higher customer satisfaction, reduce time lines, cost savings & many more.



We treat quality as a critical aspect Be passionate towards quality. Make sure the project is compliant with all quality standards. At every stage of development, follow the check list of quality and if compliant then move to next stage of development. Doing so, we guaranty assured quality to the customer.

DESHPANDE INFRA is committed towards delivering quality without any compromises. We treat ever changing project requirements as challenges and our experienced staff and stringent quality procedures enable us to deliver the quality in the dynamic project environment we have quality checks at every stage of project execution and we make sure to adhere to the standards and practices.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel


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